Hi, I'm Matthieu! I like to program stuff

About me

Welcome to my little piece of the web! My name is Matthieu Bessat aka lefuturiste, My life is complex and full of things but for now this page is mostly about my experience as a freelance web developer. My skill-set is various enough that I can manage the creation of an app/website from start to finish: from defining the customer needs to hosting the website or app. If you have any projects that is linked to programming and you think that I can help you, don't hesitate to contact me.

What I love:

Open Source
Free Software
Open Data
  • I'm 21 years old
  • I live in Normandy
  • I speak:
    • French,
    • English
  • I mainly use a Bike to get around.

Some of the technologies that I'm currently working with

Highlighted professional projects

Some projects that I've developed or participated in as a freelancer or as an employee

A 'T' letter encapsulated into brackets


Business management application: management of the recovering, the processing and the revaluation of wastes from elevator's worksite.

The logo of the thingmill web agency

Cereal sales assistant

Website configurable like a spreadsheet to show the sales prices of a cereal wholesaler to customers according to specific criterias.

A childish drawing representing the sun lighting up a footway.

Administered association directory

Web application of collaborative association management with administration interface for the Espace Condorcet.

Highlighted side projects

Entrepreneurship projects, volunteering projects or just for fun projects.

A red arrow pushing up a blue W letter which is supporting a white R letter


A presentation website along with a blog for the robotic club We Robot.

A console demonstrating that it can show many coulor in an vertical mannel


E-commerce website from scratch to sell the retrobox console and allow the customer to manage it remotely.

Jobatator logo showing an aligned stack.


A simplified alternative to RabbitMQ to dispatch jobs to workers (in order to for example send an email).


Programming of an imperative interpreted langage in C, trying to enforce a grammar with a lexer, a parser and an evaluator.

2020 season logo: Sail The World

French robotics cup

Design of an holonomic autonomus robot to participate in the 2020 edition of the cup, I worked on the electronic and on-board software.

Volunteering experiences

Planète Sciences logo

French robotic cup

In 2021 and in 2022 I've volunteered to help the organization of the event by the Planète Sciences organization. I've setup the network infrastructure and operated the scoring software.

SGDF logo

Imaginarium Dream show

Engaged with a Scouting and Guiding local group, we've created the show "Imaginarium Dream" to play it during the summer in retirement homes or vacation centers. My role is to manage sound and light of the show.


Forest protection

With my Scouting group in the "Nature and environment" program, I've participated in the monitoring of the Martigues sector against wild fire during 2 weeks in July 2017.


Contact me

You can contact me via e-mail: mail@matthieubessat.fr

Or you can use the form below if you prefer not opening your email client.

My CV is available in format listed below: