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Project: Tracklift

Business management application: management of the recovering, the processing and the revaluation of wastes from elevator's worksite.



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In 2021 Socobat Environnement had the need of a web app to model their waste management on worksite with elevators (to manage the collection, the recycling and the refurbishement), more over the app would need to integrate a user account manager, a document PDF generator from user-form and must manage the complex relationship between entities of the databases (compagnies, worksites, elevator, containers, audits...) to suit the specifics business needs of the customer. A quite challenging feature of the app was the need to known the state of each container at any time from the "unloading" records of the users.


Because the main features of the app was to do CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) I used Api Platform to easily create a REST API that can be consumed by the Vue Web App The challenging feature described is an example of a tight dependency model between entities in the DB that needed propagation.


Technologies used

API Platform